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The York University Student Investment Fund (‘YUSIF’) is a fund managed by students and supported by alumni and friends. Students will apply course theory and learn to manage the real-life risks and rewards of asset management.
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"Being engaged in the type of analysis where you are investing real money pushed you to put forth your absolute best work and consider all significant variables as well as their potential risks."

− Brandon Dewji (BBA ’14, Former Chief Investment Analyst), Credit Research Analyst at Goldman Sachs

"I firmly believe that my experience at YUSIF was instrumental in getting me to where I am today, and the methods learned as an analyst are invaluable toward my studies in the CFA program. "

− Harry Sale (BBA '14, Former Senior Analyst), Associate at RBC Dominion Securities

"I was able to leverage the skills and experience I gained from the analyst program to land a summer analyst role in sales and trading at Scotiabank, an experience that I was able to turn into a full time job."

− Ciprian Preda (BBA '13, Former Chief Investment Strategist), Sale & Trading Analyst at Scotiabank Global Banking

"YUSIF helped bridge the theoretical concepts I learned in class to the real world by providing me with the opportunity to gain the hands-on finance skills and experiences that were invaluable during recruitment."

− Matt Lee (BBA '12, Former Chief Investment Strategist), Investment Banking Analyst at TD Securities

"Learned so much... The application of theoretical concepts in real world situations. Understanding the importance of constraints in portfolio construction."

− Alex Storcheus (BBA '11, Former Chief Investment Strategist), Senior Investment Banking Associate at Foundation Markets

"“As a 19‐year old student, it was incredibly intimidating presenting in front of Bay
Street’s most successful finance professionals, but I walked away with new insights
and saw what it takes to defend a thesis against a strong panel.”

− Alina Yao (BBA'19, Junior Analyst)

"“Formulating my own perspective on the market and
analyzing companies has allowed to really build
foundational skills for my future career. However,
getting an opportunity to discuss my investment ideas
with experienced professionals at the CIBC stock-pitch
was truly fascinating, as I was able to absorb some of
their professional insights.”"

− Harsh Ohja (BBA'19, Junior Chief Investment Strategist)