York University Student Investment Fund (YUSIF) was initiated with the goal of educating students and outperforming the market. YUSIF is a fund managed by managed by a Chief Investment Strategist (GianPiero Gigliotti, BBA’18) and a Portfolio Manager (Jerry Zhang, iBBA’18) as well as a team of skilled equity analysts and supported by alumni and friends. Students will apply course theory and learn to manage the real-life risks and rewards of asset management.

Overview of Benefits

Benefits to Students

Real money and real risk equals real learning.

  • Students have an opportunity to apply their education to manage real capital.

Educational benefits that are invaluable during recruitment.

  • YUSIF analysts host a variety of workshops and events throughout the school year meant to educate the broader student body on a variety of financial concepts that are valuable during the recruitment process.

Directly supports students financially.

  • In the long-term, investment returns will be redistributed to students in the form of scholarships and financial aid.

Endless opportunities for learning and personal development.

  • Students will benefit by working with diverse teams, and networking with YUSIF’s alumni.

Benefits to York University

Bolsters York's finance reputation.

  • YUSIF enhances the reach and reputation of York University amongst many investment firms.

Upholds the winning reputation of your alma mater and ensures the lasting value of your degree.

  • Providing a unique way to support York University as donors and volunteers, and to benefit students.

Prepares our students for recruitment and the real world.

  • Experiential learning adds to student’s recruitment power and strengthens ties with alumni and prospective recruiters.

Provides a source of funding for financial aid.

  • York University will be able to use investment returns to provide financial aid for students in need.

Benefits to Employers

Mentoring and training tomorrow's analysts.

  • YUSIF analysts will gain experience that prepares them for a smooth transition into careers in the investment industry.

Get a head start on recruiting for the best and brightest.

  • Engaging YUSIF as an advisor will put employers directly in touch with talented and driven students.

Sharing your firm's values.

  • Various industry have the opportunity to volunteer as guest speakers, passing on valuable knowledge and promoting the values of their firm.

Prepares students for careers in the investment industry and as business leaders around the world.

  • Engagement as advisors will put employers in touch with talented students, helping them learn the career skills they need.

Our analyst team is second to none and is prepared to meet our goal.

Our analysts were rigorously selected from a wide pool of applicants, and have shown their worth through their investment theses that have yielded positive alpha returns vis-a-vis our benchmark index. Our culture is one that stresses learning for the sake of learning, continual improvement, constructive criticism, and questioning everything. Our team members have responded well to the challenge of meeting our shared high expectations, and our positive performance is evidence of this.